banne_about The 2024 edition will take place on June 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. The Imagination Festival – Kinnernet-Europe, is a wild out of the box, irreverent, bottom-up innovation, creativity and cultural unconference created in 2013.The festival gathers each year 200 innovators and some of the most interesting people working in the media, art, technology or creative industries (science, business, technology, media, education, art, environment, social) and geographies (US, Europe, Israel and Asia).Our mission : meet, share our visions and invent desirable futures together. The  festival mixes in depth conversations, debates, workshops, but also creative and artistics moments. All participants are equal and contributors and set up the programme by posting the topics on their minds on large wiki-boards. As a network of contributive people, the Festival has the ambition to create and develop each year innovative and contributive projects.

Co-hosted by Yossi Vardi and Marc Goldberg, the festival is inspired by the Kinnernet unconference created in Israël in 2003 by Yossi, one of the major figures of the innovation eco-system in.

We have created a unique global and diverse community of innovators that challenges conventional thinking, identifies new forms of creativity, and starts global conversations to foster desirable futures. The beauty of Kinnernet Europe is its vision of people, and thought leadership with no commercial agenda, beyond generating, spreading and turning into action great ideas that can bring the best people together.

We have designed the 10 Kinnernet Europe Principles to structure how we behave in Avallon during the unconference and to guide the culture that we are creating within the Kinnernet community:
1 We all share a sense of civic responsibility to foster desirable futures
2 Immediacy (It’s happening here and now)
3 Radical participation (everybody contributes)
4 Radical self-expression (the event is your stage)
5 Have some sense of humour (or play to pretend that you do)
6 Kindness (practice kindness for 72 hours)
7 Listen, reflect, respect (don’t suck all the air)
8 Radical self-reliance (take care of yourself)
9 Leave no trace (respect the environment and the people hosting you)
10 Live beyond the event (there are many Kinnernet events and It’s not about being re-invited but about what you will do with the community…)