Everything you need to know about Kinnernet Europe

What is an Un-Conference?

Unconferences are unusual. There is no formal agenda, speeches or PowerPoint presentations. Instead everyone who is invited is expected to get involved.

Kinnernet Europe was framed after Tim O’Reilly’s famous Foo Camp. Foo Camp, an annual event hosted by O’Reilly Media, is described as “the wiki of conferences” because the attendees design and alter the program via big whiteboard schedules that allow for overwriting and rewriting. Foo Camp was intended to reach out to people who can enhance the company’s technological intelligence as well as open the door for opportunities and cross-fertilization between people, disciplines, etc.

What should I bring?

Kinnernet Europe will be casual, with any attire acceptable from hiking clothes to jeans. Many activities are outdoor, including workshops and meals. Avallon can get hot during the day (25-30 degrees Celcius) and colder at night (around 10-15 degrees Celcius). While the climate is very dry, attendees should prepare for fluctuating temperatures. Layers are strongly recommended.

Write your 140 character biography

Kinnernet Europe is attended by 200 people. The fastest way to get to know everyone before you even arrive is to complete your 140 character biography.

Suggest a discussion topic

We will have over 80+ discussions at Kinnernet Europe, and all of them will be suggested by you. Each discussion lasts about one hour. To suggest a discussion doesn’t mean you have to have the answer, you just need to lead the conversation. You can just send us your own idea.

See what else you can do at Kinnernet

Discussions are the heart and soul of Kinnernet Europe, but there are also cooking, Ignite talks, sport, health or meditation, games, music and artistic performances. Come prepared! You can read more and sign up for the activities here. Act fast! Ignite talks and Midnight Cooking Madness are always popular.